I'm an artist living in Somerville, Massachusetts, although I'm also a nurse, nurse practitioner-in-training, social worker, and softball coach. Couldn't pick just one thing - there's too much cool stuff to learn and experience!

Creating art has become a way for me to process emotions and experiences that I couldn't find words for otherwise. I always appreciate the art that strikes me with a feeling immediately, and I seek to create scenes that express something unique. Much of my work uses the cityscape as a subject, because I have always romanticized cities and thought of them as a place where larger-than-life things happen. My attraction to them is still child-like in many ways, and I try to communicate some of that exuberance in many of my pieces. You can also contact me at jessromeoart@gmail.com to inquire about commissions, more pieces not shown on the site (there are a few....).

I hope you enjoy browsing the site!